Nothing breathes new life into a black and white photo like colourisation and that’s exactly the service I offer at Colour Me Impressed.

miss america 1951 before and after strapped

How does it work?

It couldn’t be simpler – all I need is a digital copy of the photograph you want colourised and then I can get started. If you already have a digital image then we’re half way there – all you need to do is email it to me. However, if you only have a physical copy (i.e. an original print) then you can send it to me by post and I will then scan it before returning it to you by either Recorded or Special Delivery. Alternatively, if you live in the Leeds area we can arrange a pick-up in person.

doctor livingstone before and after strapped

How much does it cost?

It varies. Prices start at £50 per image for a digital copy or £57 if you would like me to post you a high-qualty print upon completion. As some images take more time to colourise than others, the rate varies according to how complex the picture is (a guide to which can be found on my FAQ’s page). However, the best way to find out about cost is to email me with the image and I can provide you with a quote.

great depression before and after strapped

What happens once you’ve finished colourising my photo?

When the work is done I’ll send you a low-resolution and watermarked copy of the image so that you can point out any changes you may want.  I will then send out the finished work once payment has been received.

mickey cohen before and after strapped

The photo I want colourising is in a bit of a state. Will this be a problem?

Probably not as I can restore damaged/worn-out photos. This will cost more but feel free to email me the image in question and I will give you a quote.

 101st before and after strapped

How do you know what colour my great-grandfather’s eyes are?

I don’t! However part of the colourisation process involves me asking a lot of questions about the picture in question so that the finished product is to your satisfaction. I also specialise in making sure that any military uniforms, insignia and decorations are historically correct.

Sounds great! What now?

Simply email me at  with any questions or an image you want colourising and we can take it from there. Also, please check out the FAQ page as it contains lots of useful information about cost and the sort of images that take well to colourising.



 airborne relaxing before and after small